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Topeka Accessibility Input Needed by June 30th!

Topeka Metro wants to be sure our passengers and the public are aware that their participation is needed!  The City of Topeka’s Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Council created a survey to determine public perception of accessibility services for those who are disabled in Topeka. The survey is available online at topeka.org/ada and the deadline to respond is Friday, June 30, 2017.  

Brian Faust, Topeka’s ADA coordinator, said that the hope is to have as many people participate in the survey as possible, whether or not they have a disability.  The survey results will be shared with city council members to help shape policies regarding ADA.

If you are disabled, please consider taking the survey.  If you know someone who is disabled, please share the link with others who can provide valuable feedback for the City of Topeka.  You do not need to be disabled to offer your input.  Your assistance is much appreciated!