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Adjusting schedules and routes – Jan 18. 2016

To make some of our current deviations official, and to tighten up some of the longer western runs, we’re adjusting schedules and maps. Mapbooks will be available at Quincy Street Station starting Monday, January 18.

Preview the new maps and schedules here.

Some timepoints and timepoint locations have been adjusted:

Changes on #4 California:

  • The outbound serves Avondale, and then heads inbound.

Changes on #6 West 6th:

  • Serves Social Security on the outbound only.
  • Inbound will take I-70 between Wanamaker and Fairlawn.
  • Serves Kanza Park and Valeo on the inbound only.

Changes on #10 West 10th:

  • Will now serve Walmart West, but not the Mall.
  • Will not serve the shelter in front of David’s Bridal, on Wanamaker.

Changes on #21 West 21st:

  • Will serve the Mall, but not Walmart West.
  • At the VA, will only pick up and drop off at Building #1.

Other changes:

  • #29 West 29th will only serve Villa West on the outbound trip.
  • The inbound #3 East 6th will remain on 6th St. to downtown.
  • Flex Zone has extend hours, and will serve Walmart East on the hour.

Preview the new maps and schedules here.