Metro Board

The Topeka Metro Board of Directors is composed of seven council-approved, mayoral-appointed citizens.  The Board establishes policy and legislative direction for the agency.  Board members are appointed to four-year terms.

The Board of Directors hold regular monthly meetings in the South meeting room at Quincy Street Station. The Board Committees – Planning Committee and Finance Committee – also meet one day per month.  The meetings are open to the public.  For information on the dates and times of upcoming meetings, please check the “Calendar” section on our homepage.

Board Planning Committee

The Planning Committee was created to focus on long-term and short-term planning projects for the agency.  Current committee members are as follows:

  • Jim Daniel
  • Elsie Eisenbarth
  • Beverly Hall
  • Andy Vogel

Board Finance Committee

The Finance Committee focuses on the financial condition of the agency and advises the board as a whole on both capital and operating expenditures.  Current committee members are as follows:

  • Elsie Eisenbarth
  • Rodd Miller
  • Scott Tummons