Passenger Rules

Please help us keep our system friendly and safe for all passengers. Bus conduct is regulated by city and state laws, as well as Topeka Metro policies. Please give front seats to seniors, disabled or pregnant passengers.

The following is prohibited:

  • Eating, drinking or open food and drink containers on bus
  • Drink containers must have twist off cap or secure lid.
  • No collapsible containers. 
  • Intoxication or being under the influence of illegal  substances
  • Smoking (including vapor cigarettes) in QSS or on the bus (including the entry way onto the bus)
  • Smoking is allowed outside QSS only in designated areas. 
  • Flammable liquids, such as gasoline, kerosene, propane, etc.
  • Dangerous or large items, such as car batteries, explosives, fireworks, furniture, trees, panes of glass, etc.
  • Unconcealed firearms or unconcealed weapons of any kind
  • Disorderly, abusive, dangerous, obscene, or threatening behavior or language
  • Unruly behavior, profanity, fighting, spitting, feet on the seats, or littering
  • Noise producing devices (headphones are allowed)
  • Unlawful posting of materials on transit property
  • Excessive carry-on items or packages in seats or aisles
  • Animals without a latched pet carrier, with the exception of guide/service animals
  • Indecent exposure (i.e. must have a shirt, pants, and shoes)
  • Continuous Riding (Riding continuously on a single route)
  • Unattended children under age 5 (must be with older child or adult).   Children should set up front near the operator
  • Bikes inside the vehicle.  Bikes on property should be walked and not ridden. 
  • Strollers that are not empty or not folded prior to boarding or that block aisles or doorways
  • Offensive body odor or clothing soiled with bodily fluids
  • Open or uncovered sores or wounds
  • Fare evasion or sharing of monthly passes
  • Operating or tampering with vehicles or equipment
  • Physical or verbal abuse of the operator, another passenger, or any transit employee
  • Cell phones on speaker or loud conversations that may distract the operator
  • Standing in front of the bus standee line, in doorways, or on the steps. 
  • Standing when open seats are available (unless medical conditions require this)
  • Standing before the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Wearing or using roller skates, roller blades, or skateboards
  • Distracting or inappropriate conversation with the bus operator
  • Solicitation and/or behaviors that might pose a safety or security risk/concern
  • Masks or “hoodies” that cover a passenger’s face
  • Passengers shall not ride the bus or be on Topeka Metro property with sagging pants that show any parts of their undergarments. Violators will be asked to pull their pants up, or to leave the property or bus.

The Bus Operator always has the reasonable authority to refuse service or ask for a passenger’s justified removal.