Trip Planner

Link to Google Transit Trip Planner
Trip Planner


Start e.g. 29th & California, Topeka, KS
End e.g. Quincy Street Station, Topeka, KS

The Google Transit trip planner is a tool to assist you in planning trips on Topeka Metro’s fixed routes. Here is how it works:

1. Enter an origin and destination (including city and state) into the Trip Planner, then click “Get Directions”.

2. You will be directed to where you will find suggested routes for your trip, along with the next available trip time and cost.  At this point, you can also make changes to your origin or destination.  You can scroll through the time table at the top of the page to find the trips that work best for your time schedule.

A mobile app is also available.  Open in your phone browser and follow the instructions to download.

Please note that there are times when the trip planner tool may generate unexpected or unrealistic results. This is a work in progress. Please submit feedback to us by e-mailing if you run into unusual results.

Riders should be aware that the trip planner DOES NOT take temporary detours into account. Check the detours section on our homepage to see if your route will be affected. Or you may contact Customer Service at 783-7000.