USD 501

Topeka Metro is pleased to be a transportation partner for USD 501. 

Thank you for your interest in using Topeka Metro fixed-route buses for your USD 501 field trip destination.  Topeka Metro has 12 regular bus routes that serve the city of Topeka from 5:45am to 6:30 pm.  Route maps and schedules are available on the Topeka Metro website at  To view the list of local destination spots on the website, select the “Routes” drop-down menu, and click on “common locations in Topeka”.

Our fixed route buses have a capacity of approximately 32-37 seated plus 6-19 standing.  Please be advised that other public passengers will also be on the bus.  Usually a class size of 25 -30 students, teachers, and parents can be accommodated on a bus.  Your trip may require a transfer to another bus at Topeka Metro’s Quincy Street Station.  The station is equipped with bathrooms and a lobby.

Riding transit is a valuable life skill.  Prior to your trip, Topeka Metro can provide your classroom with a “How To Ride” presentation to educate students about riding the bus in Topeka.

Please contact our customer service office at 785-783-7000 for assistance in trip planning and coordination.