21 – West 21st


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Due to construction beginning Monday, March 6, 2017, the outbound West 21st bus will be on regular route to 21st Street and Wanamaker Road.  Continue West to the second mall access road, north onto the mall access road, follow the access road to the east going along the front of the Mall to the shelter.  Back on route.

The inbound West 21st bus will need to stop as far to the east of the shelter pad as possible. After loading you will need to get into the through lane and continue west on the Mall access road around the back side of the Mall property exiting onto 21st street. Go east on West 21st. Back on route.



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Designated stops

Outbound Inbound
Quincy Street Station Westridge Mall (outer service road near Arvonia) (shelter)
Monroe @ 12th 17th @ Kohl’s (shelter)
Monroe @ 14th Wanamaker @ 19th
Monroe @ 17th 21st @ Ashworth (Target) (shelter)
Kansas @ 17th 21st @ Westport
Kansas @ 20th 21st @ Belle
Kansas @ 21st 21st @ Chelsea (Fairlawn Plaza) (shelter)
21st @ Topeka 21st @ Fairlawn
21st @ Tyler 21st @ Morningside
21st @ Fillmore (shelter) 21st @ Eveningside
21st @ Buchanan 21st @ Indian Trail
21st @ Washburn 21st @ Moundview
21st @ Potomac (shelter) 21st @ Gage
21st @ MacVicar Gage @ 23rd
21st @ High VA Building #1 (shelter)
21st @ Randolph 21st @ Oakley (shelter)
21st @ Oakley 21st @ Randolph
VA Building #1 (shelter) 21st @ High
Gage @ 23rd 21st @ MacVicar
Gage @ Garden Lane 21st @ Potomac (shelter)
21st @ Mission 21st @ Washburn
21st @ McAlister 21st @ Buchanan
21st @ Hope 21st @ Fillmore (shelter)
21st @ Sims 21st @ Tyler
21st @ Crest 21st @ Harrison
21st @ Fairlawn Kansas @ 21st
21st @ Chelsea Kansas @ 20th
21st @ Belle (Topeka West High School) (shelter) Kansas @ 17th
21st @ Helping Hands Kansas @ 14th
21st @ Westport Kansas @ 12th
21st @ Ashworth (shelter) Kansas @ 10th
21st @ Wanamaker (shelter) Quincy Street Station
Westridge Mall (outer service road near Arvonia) (shelter)
~Interlines with West 10th at Westridge Mall