Winter Travel Tips for Bus Passengers

We are in the midst of winter, and although it has been relatively mild so far, we urge people to be prepared for colder and icy conditions. Here are some tips for transit riders to stay ahead of the game when having to bundle up and plan for your trip:

  • Plan extra time in your commute - give yourself plenty of time to get to your stop or the bus station
  • Dress warmly (in layers) and be prepared to wait - you may be outdoors longer than expected
  • Watch the news or listen to the radio for weather condition updates
  • Check Topeka Metro’s website, social media or DoubleMap to see if there are alerts, detours or to find where your bus is in real-time
  • Be patient - buses may be a bit behind when it’s icy or during heavy snow
  • Use caution when walking on wet or icy surfaces
  • Be cautious when boarding in areas with ice and snowbanks
  • Stand back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop. Buses can slide sideways in slippery conditions.
  • Try to clean off snow from shoes prior to boarding the bus
  •  Keep in mind that to avoid getting stuck, your bus may not pull all the way over to the curb
  • Plan and take extra measures when commuting when it gets darker