Open Records Requests

Requests for open records should be sent to the Records Custodian at or by faxing your request to 785-233-3063.  The full text of the policy follows below:


OFFICE HOURS – 8 A.M. TO 5 P.M., Monday -Friday, except official holidays

DESIGNATED RECORDS CUSTODIAN – is the Executive Assistant; 201 N. Kansas Ave., Topeka, KS 66603; (785) 730-8620; Other persons may be designated by the Records Custodian to accept record requests on behalf of the agency.

LOCAL FREEDOM OF INFORMATION OFFICER – the Board of Directors has designated the person occupying the position of Director of Marketing as Topeka Metro’s local freedom of information officer.

FEES – The fees and charges shown below apply to record requests. Payment of estimated fees may be required prior to spending staff time on the request. Total costs shall be paid before the records are provided.

Copies – 25¢ per page

Staff Time – is charged at the following rates:
Clerical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    $30/hr.
Information Technology . . .  $40/hr.
Department Heads . . . . . . . . $50/hr.
General Manager . . . . . . . . .   $65/hr.

For purposes of illustration only, staff time may include, but is not limited to, time spent: To identify, locate, and access records; to organize records for review or reproduction; to review records for possible closure exception and redact closed from open information. Requests requiring less than one quarter hour of staff time or less than 10 pages of copying may, at the custodian’s discretion, be provided at no charge.

ADDITIONAL FEES – Any other costs incurred by the agency in connection with complying with a record request may be assessed to the requesting party.

WRITTEN REQUEST – Requests for records must be made in writing and state the requester’s name and mailing address. They should also include a telephone number to facilitate a response. Requests must include information necessary to ascertain the records being requested. Proof of identity may be required of any person requesting access to a public record.

FAXING AND EXPRESS DELIVERY – Records less than 15 pages may be faxed if the time and fax facilities are readily available. If express delivery is requested, the requester shall arrange for packaging and pick up of the records and pay all associated costs. The Records Custodian has sole discretion whether to honor requests for faxing or express delivery.

REQUESTS FOR ELECTRONIC FORMAT RECORDS – The Records Custodian will be the sole judge of the ability of the agency to comply with any request for agency records to be provided in electronic format or for records to be produced in any particular computer format.

RESPONSE TIME – The agency will act upon requests as soon as possible and no later than the third business day following the receipt of the request.