Fares-Effective December 1, 2019:

Fixed Route Fares


 Full Fare


(Ages 5-18)

Reduced* (Senior/Disabled/Medicare/Income)
Cash Fare (One Way)$2.00$1.50$1.00
24-Hour Pass$4.00$3.00$2.00
31-Day Pass$50.00$40.00$35.00
10-Day Ride Card$18.00$15.00$9.00
Children Under 5**FreeFreeFree
Annual Bus Pass$300.00$300.00$300.00
*Refer to Reduced Fare Policy below for eligibility requirements.
** Limit three (3) children with each paid fare.


Lift / Paratransit Fares (Must be certified eligible.)

Cash Fare (One Way)$4.00
10-Ticket Strip$40.00
Children Under 5**Free


Passes, cards and tickets are available for purchase at Quincy Street Station, at this website by clicking on “Store“, and at all Topeka Dillons and Hy-Vee grocery stores. Annual Passes can only be purchased at QSS.


Bus Operators do not make change. If you do not have exact fare, you will be issued a change card for any excess amount which can be used at the farebox on future trips. You must have your fare, ride card, or pass (and reduced ID, if applicable) ready when boarding a vehicle.

24-Hour Pass (Fixed-Route Only)

This pass can also be purchased at the farebox. The 24-hour pass expires 24 hours after being initiated in the farebox and the time period will skip over days with no service.


Annual Bus Pass (Fixed-Route Only)


The annual bus pass is unlimited rides on fixed route buses which expires 12 months after registering. This pass will require a photo ID for the bus pass. 


31-Day Pass (Fixed-Route Only)

A 31-Day Pass is recommended for riders who average at least 40 trips per month. 31-Day Passes are valid for 31 days from the time the pass is first used on a fixed route bus. Passes are not available for the Lift Service. Multiple passes may be purchased at one time. They are non-returnable and non-refundable.


10-Ride Card (Fixed Route Only)

A 10-Ride Card is recommended for riders who would not benefit from the 31-Day Pass, including occasional riders who don’t want to worry about carrying exact change. Multiple 10-Ride Cards may be purchased at one time and have no expiration date. They are non-returnable and non-refundable. These cards cannot be used to purchase a 24-Hour Pass.


Lift Ticket Strip (Lift Service Only)

Lift ticket strips are for use on the paratransit service, also known as the “Lift”, and cannot be used on the fixed route buses. There are ten (10) tickets in each strip.  Multiple ticket strips may be purchased at one time. Lift ticket strips are non-returnable and non-refundable.


Topeka Public Schools

High School students attending Topeka Public Schools / USD #501 can ride the Metro with the special TPS bus pass, available at each school.  Select TPS middle schools also distribute passes to students.


Washburn University & Washburn Institute of Technology

Washburn University and Washburn Tech students, faculty, and staff can ride Topeka Metro by swiping their iCard through the farebox.


Youth Fare

Youth between the ages of 5-18 are eligible for the Youth Fare. Youth do not have to obtain a Topeka Metro Reduced Fare ID, but they may be asked to show their high school ID or a picture ID which lists their birth date when they pay their fare.

Reduced Fare Policy (Senior / Disabled / Medicare / Income)


Reduced fares are available for persons with a disability, Medicare recipients, those over 65, and those who meet income qualifications. In order to use the reduced fare items (cash, 24-hour passes, 10-ride cards or 31-day passes), you must show a Topeka Metro reduced fare ID card to the bus operator when boarding and paying your fare. To obtain the Topeka Metro reduced fare ID card, you must complete an application, which can be downloaded by clicking on the document links below. Applications can also be picked up at Quincy Street Station (820 SE Quincy St.) or mailed out to you upon request by calling 785-783-7000. Those completing an income form must have a social service agency authorize the form prior to submitting it to Metro.


Residents of Topeka Housing Authority properties may obtain their Topeka Metro Reduced Fare ID at the THA main office at 2010 SE California or call 785-357-8842 for more information.


Community Action has a mobile ID program which visits local agencies throughout Topeka and assists passengers in obtaining their Topeka Metro Reduced Fare ID based on income qualifications.  For schedule information go to 1000 SE Hancock, call 235-9296, or visit www.wefightpoverty.org


Replacement IDs must be obtained where you originally got the card.


Initial IDs are free of charge, however, there is a replacement fee of $2.00 if lost, damaged, or stolen within the first year. There is no replacement fee for cards from normal wear and tear after the first year.  ID’s are valid for three years.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I use my Reduced Fare ID on Metro’s Services?
A. Show your Reduce Fare ID to the operator when boarding Metro’s fixed route buses to use your reduced fare pass, card or cash fare.


Q. I lost my Reduced Fare ID. Do I need to fill out another application?
A. No. If you lost your Reduced Fare ID and it has not expired, you do not need to reapply. However, you will be required to complete the Card Replacement Application (see link above)


Q. Can I just show my Medicare card to ride the Metro for a reduced fare?
A. No, you must present your Reduced Fare ID to ride for a reduced fare Youth Fare Youth between the ages of 5-18 are eligible for the Youth Fare. Youth do not have to obtain a Topeka Metro Reduced Fare ID, but they may be asked to show their high school ID or a picture ID which lists their birth date when they pay their fare.

En Español:


Tarifa Completa 
Pase de 24 horas$4.00
Tarjeta de 10 paseos$18.00
Pase de 31 días$50.00
Pase annual de bus / bicicleta$300.00

Tarifa Reducida
(Mayores / Discapacitados / Medicare / Ingressos)*


Pase de 24 horas$2.00
Tarjeta de 10 paseos$9.00
Pase de 31 días$35.00

Tarifa de la Juventude
(Ages 5-18)


Pase de 24 horas$3.00
Tarjeta de 10 paseos$15.00
Pase de 31 días$40.00

Servicio del Lift

Tira de 10 bilhetes$40.00

Tarifas otras

Tarjetas de cambio electrónicogratis
Empleados de Topeka Metro, dependientes, pensionerosgratis
Niños menores de 5 años (Límite 3 por tarifa pagada)gratis
Pase de FREEdom (se permite 1 PCA gratis)gratis
Educador de tránsito con ID adecuadogratis con estudiante pago

Eliminación de “Transfers”


No se dan “transfers” cuando se usa efectivo, tarjeta de 10 paseos, tarjeta de paseo gratis, o tarjeta de cambio electronico.


* Viajar a un precio reducido requiere el ID adecuado. Las solicitudes de tarifas reducidas pueden obtenerse en la estación de Quincy Street (820 SE Quincy) o en topekametro.org. Las solicitudes de tarifa reducida de ingresos también están disponibles a través de agencias de servicios sociales y deben ser autorizadas por una agencia antes de obtener una ID de tarifa reducida. Las agencias pueden comprar pases de 24 horas a granel (cantidades de 100) con un descuento.