Detour for Hope Street School Deviation ONLY 

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 12, 2022




INBOUND: The Inbound West 17th will be on regular route to 19th Street. It will turn left (East) on 19th Street to Green Acres, it will turn left (North) on Green Acres to 17th Street. It will turn right (East) on 17th Street to Gage, it will turn right (South) on Gage to 18th Street. It will turn left (East) on 18th Street. Back on route.


REASON: Mill and overlay on McAlister from 17th to 21st Street.


END DATE: Tentatively 2nd week of October


Posted: 9/12/2022

Detours due to 17th Street bridge reconstruct and repair of Walmart West parking lot

EFFECTIVE DATE:  August 26, 2022


OUTBOUND: The outbound West 17th will be on route to SW 17th Street and Fairlawn Ave. It will turn right (North) on Fairlawn to Huntoon, left (West) on Huntoon to Wanamaker, left (South) on Wanamaker to the IHOP entrance (bypassing the Walmart entrance). Then back on route to the entrance of Westridge Mall. 


NOTE: The oubound West 17th will no longer service Polk Plaza/Tyler Towers. An outbound temporary stop will be placed on the northeast corner of 17th and Fairlawn. Passengers wishing to board/deboard at Walmart West may do so at the bus stops located at Wanamaker & Winding Road (Jose Pepper's), Murphy's Express or at the Kohl's shelters. 


INBOUND: The inbound West 17th will be on route to SW 17th Street and Wanamaker. It will turn left (North) on Wanamaker to Huntoon, right (East) on Huntoon to Fairlawn, right (south) on Fairlawn to SW 17th, and then left (East) on SW 17th. Back on route. 


REASON: SW 17th Street reconstructon between the bridge over I-470 and Wanamaker; the resurfacing of the Walmart parking lot.


END DATE:  Walmart resufacing projected for one month. SW 17th work is expected to be completed by December 1, 2022.  


Posted:  8-29-22

#17 - West 17th Route Map & Time Points - click to enlarge view, download or print (pdf)