Nat'l Transit Driver Appreciation Day March 18

TOPEKA, KAN. (February 12, 2024) -- National Transit Driver Appreciation Day is an annual event to celebrate the service of public transit vehicle operators. The day is observed every March 18th.  At Topeka Metro, we use the term “bus operator,” because these employees do much more than drive.


Transit bus operators have many responsibilities such as inspecting their vehicles to make sure they are safe to drive, navigating through busy traffic and street detours, helping provide directions for someone and even being the eyes and ears of the community as they drive around the city each day.


National Transit Driver Appreciation Day provides the opportunity for passengers and others to thank those who transport them every day where they need to go, whether it is to work, to school, a medical appointment or for another reason.  Please join Topeka Metro in recognizing our operators, and be sure to let your bus operator know that you appreciate him or her!