Topeka Metro nixes proposed service reductions

TOPEKA, KANSAS (January 20, 2021) -- At the January 19th Topeka Metro board meeting, the board made the decision not to implement proposed service reductions.
The board discussed the proposed service reductions, heard comments from the union and the public, and unanimously agreed not to pursue making any service reductions at this time.
Topeka Metro General Manager Bob Nugent said, "After months of operating fare-free we need to see where both our ridership and revenues will be after fares are reinstated."
The board voted to reinstate bus fares at their December 21, 2020 meeting. Fares will be required beginning February 1, 2021, passengers will need to begin boarding through the front doors and be required to pay fares. Passengers must have their fare accepted at the farebox or they will not be allowed to ride. Masks and face coverings are still mandatory to ride the bus.
Nugent said that staff will continue to seek ways to cut costs while striving to preserve services. "Public transportation is an essential service and we know how important it is to make as few changes as we can. Our goal is always to get people to where they need to go."